Arts Education & Mentorship

Sewit Sium - Connecting Art and Fashion to Social Justice

What’s your story?   How do we perform personal and cultural identity through dress?

With an emphasis on jewelry design, Sewit Sium offers empowering arts education workshops where hands on activities are coupled with vital conversation. It is her belief that such informed creative production fosters self-esteem, self and cultural awareness, and critical thinking skills.

There is a huge capacity for growth in learning to connect adornment with visual storytelling. Through Sewit's interactive workshops, students gain practical jewelry making skills, learn about the histories attached to jewelry, and are invited to create new statement pieces that reflect both who they are and the world they want to live in.  It is through this powerful artistic work; personal research, writing,  jewelry and object making, that heightened awareness of social justice issues occurs.

These engaging workshops cultivate leadership skills by teaching participants how to use image and object as language. The goal is that they see themselves as agents of change who can enter and transform the world of image making authority. The hope is that they view their creations as well as their bodies as sites of knowledge transmission. 

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