Design Ethos

Artisan and educator Sewit Sium has been crafting historically referenced jewelry for over a decade. She is driven by the idea that adornment is not solely a marker of trend or wealth, but also a valuable educational tool, reflective of history, culture, tradition, and indigenous technologies. In many instances, what we choose to wear and how we choose to wear it reflects our ancestral memory, relations, and ongoing story as people.

Sewit Sium jewelry was born to uphold this idea that fashion is language and a powerful form of storytelling. Each hand crafted piece takes us on a journey through history, while embodying a story that is relevant to our lives today. The line includes powerful amulets and talismans that anchor us in the present moment, only to say “Im here but my history walks with me.” 

With an emphasis on visual political statement, Sewit's mission is to reconnect cultural image and iconography with original context. She draws from a rich diversity of African iconographies and artistic movements from both the continent and its diaspora; each offering unique insights and stories of the world and our place within it. Therefore all designs seek to beautifully honor and celebrate the original peoples that lay claim to them.

Because this mission by design is about education and empowerment, Arts Education seminars are offered, with 10% of sales going directly to the cost of course materials and scholarships.